Epson Multi Aspect Screen - ELP-SC26

Multi Aspect Screen - ELP-SC26

Projector Options

The "Multi Aspect" ELP-SC26 Screen offers the perfect solution for both business presentations and home theatre use. Thanks to its flexible set up feature, you can easily adjust the screen to 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios within seconds.

Product Code:V12H002S26

Epson EB-1723 V11H268153
Epson EB-1725 V11H268053
Epson EB-1735W V11H270053
Epson EB-1750 V11H372053
Epson EB-1751 V11H479053
Epson EB-1760W V11H361053
Epson EB-1761W V11H478053
Epson EB-1775W V11H363053
Epson EB-1776W V11H476053
Epson EB-1830 V11H341053
Epson EB-1850W V11H425053
Epson EB-1860 V11H407053
Epson EB-1880 V11H451053
Epson EB-1900 V11H326053
Epson EB-1910 V11H315053
Epson EB-1915 V11H313053
Epson EB-1925W V11H314053
Epson EB-1940W V11H474053
Epson EB-1945W V11H471053
Epson EB-1950 V11H491053
Epson EB-1955 V11H490053
Epson EB-1960 V11H473053
Epson EB-1965 V11H470053
Epson EB-824 V11H325053
Epson EB-824H V11H355053
Epson EB-825 V11H297053
Epson EB-825H V11H356053
Epson EB-826W V11H296053
Epson EB-826WH V11H357053
Epson EB-85 V11H295053
Epson EB-85H V11H354053
Epson EB-905 V11H387053
Epson EB-915W V11H388053
Epson EB-925 V11H389053
Epson EB-95 V11H383053
Epson EB-S110 V11H433053
Epson EB-S6 V11H283053
Epson EB-S7 V11H328053
Epson EB-S9 V11H376053
Epson EB-W02 V11H431253
Epson EB-W10 V11H367053
Epson EB-W110 V11H431053
Epson EB-W12 V11H428053
Epson EB-W6 V11H285453
Epson EB-W8 V11H310053
Epson EB-X02 V11H432253
Epson EB-X10 V11H368053
Epson EB-X11 V11H435053
Epson EB-X14 V11H434053
Epson EB-X15 V11H518053
Epson EB-X6 V11H284053
Epson EB-X8 V11H311053
Epson EH-DM3 V11H319253
Epson EH-TW3000 V11H291053
Epson EH-TW3500 V11H336053
Epson EH-TW3600 V11H373153
Epson EH-TW4000 V11H292353
Epson EH-TW450 V11H331053
Epson EH-TW480 V11H475153
Epson EH-TW550 V11H499053
Epson EH-TW5500 V11H338453
Epson EMP-1700 V11H232053
Epson EMP-1710 V11H230053
Epson EMP-1715 V11H228053
Epson EMP-1810 V11H233053
Epson EMP-1815 V11H234053
Epson EMP-1825 V11H274053
Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD V11H444053