Australian Environment Activities

As a division of Seiko Epson Corporation, Epson Australia has an ongoing commitment to the environment, which is embedded within the Epson Philosophy. Environmental sustainability is a core feature of the design, manufacture and management of our products from inception to recycling – creating better products for a better future.

To achieve its Environmental Policy, Epson Australia will:

  • Ensure that environmental considerations are included in all aspects of our business planning and operations, consistent with sound business management practices and our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.
  • Strive to continually reduce the environmental impact of our business by conserving the use of raw materials and resources in our operations and services and minimising waste. This will include the promotion of recycling.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws (including the Product Stewardship Act) and regulations, ordinances, and other requirements, and work to prevent pollution and adverse environmental impacts by implementing environmental management practices and procedures.
  • Work to support the intent of legislation and the policies of environmental agencies and contribute to community discussion where these relate to our operations.
  • Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System in accordance with the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.
    Set and use environmental objectives and targets to drive performance improvements. We have implemented monitoring and reporting procedures to communicate our performance internally and to relevant external interested parties.
  • Strive to continuously improve our environmental performance and to reduce our environmental impacts through regular review of our activities, practices and procedures. We will strive to realise our environmental philosophy by having all members of the company embrace this Policy.

Environmental Achievement

Under the guidance of this global Environmental Vision, Epson Australia achieved the international standard ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems in 2002, being one of the first printer vendors in Australia to gain ISO 14001 certification.

The NSW Energy and Water Green Globe Awards recognised Epson Australia for its energy efficient projects, and awarded Epson Gold for the Energy Smart Business Program and most recently named Epson as a finalist for the 10 Year Sustainability Award.

The Gold Green Globe award was in recognition of Epson Australia having upgraded at least 75% of its operation to use energy more efficiently. By implementing energy efficient projects across their operations Epson Australia has, to date, saved over 1,013 tonnes* of carbon dioxide (*measured on period between 2005 – Dec 2011).

At the awards night, Mr Nemtzow, Director-General of DEUS made comment that:
“Epson Australia’s forward-thinking approach stands them in good stead in the years to come, because not only are they helping businesses to save money on their energy bills, they are ahead of the game in teaching others how to manage their resources more efficiently.”

“Epson Australia is making an important contribution to the NSW Government’s long-term strategy to reduce the State’s greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Epson Australia continues to set aggressive targets for reduction of CO2 gas emissions, with a target of 7% reduction year on year.

Epson Australia also re-uses or recycles (diverts from landfill) at least 60% of all waste emanating from its Head Office site in North Ryde.

Environmental Activities

As part of its Environmental Management System and Corporate Social Responsibility, Epson Australia is currently engaging in the following environmental activities.

Cartridges For Planet Ark

Epson is a founding member (since March 2003) of this initiative to recycle Epson’s genuine ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

Planet Ark

The aim of the Program is to prevent cartridges from entering the waste stream and thereby reduce the potential environmental impact arising from the end of life disposal of cartridges.

Collection boxes for the C4PA program can be found in participating Australia Post, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Tandy, JB HiFi and The Good Guys stores.

The Program provides a valuable cartridge recycling initiative for:
- End user consumers
- Corporate Customers of OEM partners

The recycling service is free for the above and is funded by the OEM partners of the Program in an effort to encourage end user consumers and specific corporate customers to divert their used cartridges from Landfill.

The cartridges are collected directly from end users who place their old ink/toner cartridges in collection boxes at the above stores.

Epson is a foundation sponsor of this program, and to date the C4PA program has diverted almost 16 million cartridges from landfill. The program aims to collect 17.5million cartridges by March 2012!

Visit for more details.

Large Format Ink Recycling Program

Alongside the cartridges for Planet Ark program is Epson’s Large Format Ink Recycling program, which encourages Epson business users to recycle their Large format ink cartridges.

As with the Cartridges for Planet Ark scheme, the aim of the program is to prevent cartridges from entering the waste stream and thereby reduce the potential environmental impact arising from the end of life disposal of cartridges.

The materials that are recycled from this program go towards making pens and e-wood products such as park benches, bollards and planter boxes.

Epson Large format customers are able to to join our recycling program and join Epson in reducing the impact on the environment. To join, register at Epson’s Prographics Recycling Program

For more information visit Close the Loop.