Introducing The Next Generation

Moverio BT-200

Moverio Sets the New Standard for Smart Glasses

Epson is a global leader in technology and an original innovator of wearable technology introduces a next-generation augmented reality platform, the Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses.

Moverio Product Features

We listened to feedback on our first-generation Moverio, and the result is a new product truly fitting the title, "Next Generation." Featuring lighter, smaller glasses with a host of technological improvements, the Moverio BT-200 enables the development of truly innovative applications.


Control Unit

What's New With Moverio BT-200

Front-Facing Camera
Front-Facing Camera

The front-facing camera enables the BT-200 to support Augmented Reality applications.

Larger, Brighter Screen
Larger, Brighter Screen

A large HD canvas provides a more immersive viewing experience and is two times brighter than the BT-100.

Updated Control Unit
Updated Control Unit

The touch pad Control Unit runs Android 4.0, features a more robust processor and now includes Bluetooth connectivity.

Smaller & Lighter
Smaller & Lighter

Significantly smaller in size and 60% lighter, the BT-200 enables comfortable use for longer periods of time.

Motion Tracking
Motion Tracking

Built-in motion tracking enables a whole new level of interactivity in applications and games.

Developer Partner Showcase

Jay Kim of APX Labs

APX Labs is a privately-held software company pursuing the design and creation of the premier enterprise smart glasses platform. The Moverio BT-200's front-facing camera and motion sensors are two key features that have made the Epson Moverio BT-200 a core component of APX Labs' enterprise-level Skylight platform.

Scott Montgomerie of Scope AR

Scope AR is an augmented reality solutions company that provides the world's most advanced augmented reality Training Solutions. They are leading the way in this emerging market, using the latest in augmented glasses and software to provide an incredible real-time 3D overlay training solution. Scope AR is using the Epson BT-200 in their advanced training technology by overlaying instructions and pertinent reference material directly on the system to allow hands-free training.

Sean McCracken AKA Seantron

Award-winning game developer, Glass Explorer and founder of Imaginary Computer, Sean McCracken has specialized in mobile and AR development for more than five years and is now widely-recognized as the industry expert in Glass game development. Sean conducted testing and developed demos for the Moverio BT-200 and describes the product as "eye opening... the dual display provides a rich, full-screen game-playing experience."

Epson Developer Program

With the Epson Moverio BT-200, innovations in hardware development, industrial design and developer focused enhancements enable uses and applications never before possible. Join the Epson Moverio Developer Program and make your ideas a reality!

Eric Mizufuka of Epson on the new Moverio BT-200

Developers now have a new medium for exploration - a whole new platform.