Large Format Signage Printer Warranty

This Warranty is in addition to other rights or remedies that You may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (as amended) in relation to your product.

In this warranty:

  1. "Act" means the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 as amended.
  2. "Consumables" include (without limitation) ink cartridges, paper, maintenance tanks, cleaning pads, cutter blades, pump cap assembly, flushing box, wiper blades, paper feed rollers and cleaning unit.
  3. "End User" means the first purchaser of a Product from a Stockist.
  4. "Epson New Zealand" means Epson Australia Pty Ltd trading as Epson New Zealand.
  5. "Epson Preferred Warranty" means a priority warranty service program with additional benefits beyond the Standard Warranty as described below.
  6. "Explanatory Notes" means the notes attached to and to be read in conjunction with this warranty.
  7. "Genuine" means manufactured by or for a member of the Seiko-Epson group of companies.
  8. "Installation Date" means the date of installation of a Product at the premises of an End User by a Service Agent.
  9. "Life Expectancy" means the estimated proper period of normal operation of a Part.
  10. "Onsite" means at your business premises within a 40–kilometre radius from the Central Post Office of the following New Zealand locations: Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston north, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.
  11. "Part" means a component of a Product.
  12. "Factory Second" means a Product expressly sold by Epson New Zealand as a second.
  13. "Product" means a Genuine Large Format Solvent Printer supplied new by Epson New Zealand, being one of the following models:-
    • Epson SureColor SC-S30600
    • Epson SureColor SC-S40600
    • Epson SureColor SC-S50600
    • Epson SureColor SC-S60600
    • Epson SureColor SC-S70600
    • Epson SureColor SC-S80600

  14. "Proof of Purchase" means a legible copy of your purchase receipt or invoice for the Product.
  15. "Marketing Initiative" includes any competition or promotion initiated by Epson New Zealand relating to a Product.
  16. "Purchase Date" means the date of a Product’s first purchase from a Stockist.
  17. "Service Agent" means a person or company authorised by Epson New Zealand to repair a Product.
  18. “Standard Warranty” means the Product warranty described below
  19. "Stockist" means an authorised Epson PRO Graphics signage & décor dealer as listed on
  20. "Warranty" means the Standard Warranty and Epson Preferred Warranty where applicable.
  21. "You" means the End User and "your" has a corresponding meaning.

Warranty Terms
Epson New Zealand offers an Onsite Warranty on your Product subject to the following conditions.

Epson New Zealand warrants that your Product will be free from any defect in materials or workmanship for one (1) year (or, in case of a Factory Second, for six (6) months) after your Purchase Date.

At its discretion, Epson New Zealand will either repair or replace your Product, if it is found on inspection by Epson New Zealand or a Service Agent to have any such defect within the relevant Warranty period.

A Stockist who sells a Product to you has no authority from Epson New Zealand to give you any additional Warranty or guarantee in relation to your Product or to make any statement (other than what is contained in the Specifications) about:

  1. a Product's performance or fitness for any specific purpose; or
  2. the currency or application of any Marketing Initiative.

Under this Warranty, Epson New Zealand will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage claimed to arise from your use of the Product. In particular (but without limitation) Epson New Zealand will not be liable for actual or expected revenue loss or for any corruption or loss of data claimed to arise from your use of the Product.

This warranty includes all Parts (excluding consumables and Parts that have reached or exceeded their life expectancy as shown in the Explanatory Notes) and labour.

At its discretion, Epson New Zealand will either repair or replace a Product (with a Product to substantially the same or superior specifications) if it is found, on inspection by Epson or a Service Agent, to have any defect as outlined above. In the event that Epson chooses to replace a Product, only the unexpired balance of the Warranty for the replaced Product will carry over to the replacement Product.

This warranty is limited to those software packages that carry the Epson logo, provided those packages are not modified (other than by an authorised Epson New Zealand representative). You are responsible for backing-up, or preserving the integrity of software generated data in the course of using the Epson software packages and during technical support. Epson New Zealand will not be liable for any loss of data arising from repairs or advice given on the use of the Epson provided software or hardware Products.

All warranty claims must be approved by Epson before any warranty service work is performed. No such warranty service work can be performed except by a Service Agent.

Repair work under this Warranty (other than Preventative Maintenance) will be carried out free of charge.

Warranty Claim Procedure
To make a claim under this Warranty, you must:

  • First call the Service Agent in New Zealand on 0800 657 932 to report any fault
  • When calling to report a fault, please make sure that you have the following information; printer model number, serial number, date of purchase and a detailed description of the fault.
  • Provide Proof of Purchase, to show that this Warranty applies to your Product at the date of your claim.

Warranty Application
This Warranty applies only:

  1. To a Product sold to You by Epson New Zealand or by a Stockist;
  2. If You use the Product for your private or business purposes; and
  3. You have not bought the Product for resale.

Warranty Exclusions
This Warranty will not apply if any of the following events occurs during the warranty period:

  1. A Product’s serial number or any rating label is removed or changed in any way;
  2. A Product is serviced, repaired or modified other than by a Service Agent;
  3. You have installed or used a Product contrary to the technical or operating guidelines recommended in the Epson user guide or manual;
  4. A component Part of your product has reached or exceeded its Life Expectancy;
  5. A Product's malfunction or failure to perform to Epson New Zealand’s specifications results from:
  1. deliberate or accidental damage;
  2. neglect or modification; or
  3. the use of incorrect voltage or a power surge; or
  4. any form of computer virus; or
  5. use of non-Genuine Consumables, software, replacement parts, accessories and/or interfacing; or
  6. any parts require repair or replacement as a result of normal wear and tear, corrosion or stain.

Non-Genuine Items
If you use non-Genuine Consumables, software, replacement parts or accessories in or with your Product during the relevant Warranty period, you may damage the Product and may consequently invalidate this Warranty and you may incur the cost of return travel, labour and parts for a Service Agent to repair or attempt to repair such damage.

Explanatory Notes:

Contact Details
For New Zealand Sales and Service Enquiries contact:-
AARQUE Graphics New Zealand Ltd
All support calls phone: 0800 657 932 (calls from within New Zealand)
Phone: +64 (09) 837 2144
Technical Downloads:

Epson New Zealand
Level 2
7-9 Fanshawe Street
Auckland, 1010
Technical Downloads:
Phone: 09 366 6855
Support: 0800 237 766

For Australian Enquiries
Epson Australia Pty Ltd
Pro Graphics Division
3 Talavera Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113.
Technical Downloads:
Phone: +61 2-8899-3666

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm (NZST), excluding Public Holidays

Standard Service Response Rate
Epson New Zealand offers an eight (8) working hour response time on normal business days for Warranty repair work.

On-Site Service Coverage
Epson New Zealand or its nominated service agent will perform Onsite Warranty repair work within a 40–kilometre radius from the Central Post Office of the following locations: Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston north, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin..

Life Expectancy of Parts

Part Life Expectancy
Print Head As indicated by the printer on the control panel

Carriage Return Motor

460 million passes (SureColor SC-30600, SureColor SC-50600, SureColor SC-70600)

650 million passes (SureColor SC-40600, SureColor SC-60600,SureColor SC-80600)