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White Line Imogen Cunningham

The Epson Ambassador Program

Here, we celebrate New Zealand's leading photographers whose extraordinary expertise and achievements have garnered international renown and respect.

At the heart of their craft lies unyielding dedication and understanding of light, composition and colour among many disciplines. This mastery over years of hard work and study embraces the use of Epson's printing technology to create the most captivating images bar none.

Epson is proud to partner with these elite photographers in the process of capturing images and turning them into stunning physical prints.

Discover answers, inspiration, and then some from their finest work below.

Cassandra English Photo

Cassandra English

Double quotation marks  Nothing beats seeing a gorgeous portrait in print, and knowing that my client is holding and seeing their artwork in exactly the way I envisioned.  Double quotation marks

Graphic designer turned newborn photographer, Cassandra has a passion for crafting dreamy portraits that perfectly capture the fleeting magic of new life. She wholeheartedly believes in the importance of bringing each image back into the physical world with her Epson printer, allowing her clients to hold and treasure their new love forever in the form of textured, fine art prints. Each frame is also crafted completely in-house by Cass and her husband to create works of art that will be passed down through generations.


Richard Young Photo

Richard Young

Double quotation marks  Printing has always been a hugely important part of my photography, right from the beginning of my journey as a landscape photographer. When I started to print my work, it quickly turned into the end goal for most of my photography in the form of fine art prints for exhibitions and gallery sales. I feel a digital image never truly becomes a ‘photograph” until it is in a printed form, and nor is it finished a piece of work until it is printed  Double quotation marks

Richard Young is a professional landscape and wildlife photographer in Wellington, New Zealand. His photography has been recognised in numerous competitions, including awards at The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, The Fine Art Photography Awards, The International Photography Awards. His work sells as fine art prints from his gallery and it has been widely exhibited across New Zealand, Canada, America, and England in both solo and group Exhibitions.



Simon Woolf Photo

Simon Woolf

Double quotation marks  I have always believed it is what is six inches behind the camera which counts! It still really important to me, that I have the thrill and anticipation, a spit second after hearing the shutter go off, and then seeing the image on the back of the camera. You know when you have nailed that special shot. Then it is vital the next 50% of ensuring the photo really counts, and that's in the three "P's". Post Production, Printing and Presentation all essential components in gaining the best you can out of that initial click of the shutter! Double quotation marks

Simon is multi award winning having gained merits and awards in New Zealand, Australia, and The USA. He has the unique distinction of having gained accolades through The NZ Institute of Professional Photography ( Where he was also The NZIPP James White Travelling Scholar in 2004), The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, ( Where he has been a guest exhibitor on three occasions), The Advertising and Illustrative Association, and The Photographic Society of NZ, where Simon has won 12 Champion Awards, including 11 Gold Medals, and a number of other awards. Simon was also awarded The PSNZ Emma and William McPherson Award in 1998, for his services to Photography.