Return on Investment

Print equipment is expensive, floor space and trained staff even more so. With Epson Cloud Solution PORT you have access to historic and real-time data for better decision making. With quality data you can control costs more closely while ensuring optimal asset utilisation. Performance data from your fleet is summarised in a simple and easy to understand interface. You can drill into production groups and right down to individual printers to understand what is happening, what issues are occurring and where opportunities lie for improvement and optimisation.

Cloud Solution PORT UI

Planning for Success

Resources are always limited while demand tends to ebb and flow. With access to timely and accurate data it enables better planning for more efficient and effective operation. Epson Cloud Solution PORT puts all of the important information you need for decision making right at your fingertips; in the office, at home or when you are out with a customer. You can see if things are running smoothly and where you might have extra capacity. You can more easily schedule jobs, plan consumable purchases, schedule maintenance, plan for a replacement or upgrade.

Superior Service

Print assets need to be operational if they are to be productive. For maximum utility they also need to run efficiently. With Epson Cloud Solution PORT you have a direct contact line into Epson technical services. When notified of a problem our engineers have capability to remotely interrogate a printer and try to resolve the problem. If a printer stops operating they can attempt to work out what has gone wrong and dispatch a service agent with all the appropriate parts to enable rapid repair. With some printer models they can even facilitate User Self Replacement on key components such as print heads with shipment via express courier…maximum uptime, maximum productivity, minimum stress.

Superior Service

Security & Flexibility

Everyone has concerns about data security. It is important to understand who has access to what information. All data on Epson Cloud Solution PORT is held on a secure server that requires a registered user with a password. Users only have access to their own data while Epson staff only have access to data necessary for the provision of service and support. The application provides a range of data views to suit different user needs and there is facility for you to add additional users while limiting the amount information they can access.