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Epson Goes Violet

September 2015

New Large Format SureColor P6070, P7070, P8070 and P9070 Printers

SYDNEY, 10 September 2015 – In its most significant launch this year Epson today announced its new SureColor SC-P6070, SureColor SC-P7070, SureColor SC-P8070 and SureColor SC-P9070 large format printers.

The SureColor P-Series is the first large format graphics printers launched by the company in seven years. They feature a new UltraChrome HD ink set which offers an enhanced gamut over their previous industry leading HDR ink, a higher D-Max for blacker blacks and deeper, richer colour, optional HDD support and a faster 1000Base-T Ethernet interface and 1GB ram. The SureColor P-Series also features upgraded Precision Core printheads with VSDT for improved print quality and durability, new accounting software for improved job costing, new Epson Print Layout software (which works as a plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom and Nikon ViewNX-i for simplified photo printing) and improved colour management.

New Large Format SureColor Printers

Each printer in the SureColor P-Series has been specifically designed for a key market segment with the SureColor SC-P6070 (24" wide, 8 colour printing, 9 cartridge) and SureColor SC-P8070 (44" wide 8, colour printing, 9 cartridge) aimed at producing large format photographs and eye catching retail point of sale for copy shops, pro photographers and artists, photo studios and commercial printers. The SureColor SC-P7070 (24” wide, 10 colour printing, 11 cartridge) and SureColor SC-P9070 (44" wide, 10 colour printing, 11 cartridge) are ideal for proofing and packaging in design offices, advertising agencies and printing companies and creating photo fine art for galleries, museums, pro photographers and artists, photo studios and pro labs.

There were four development goals when Epson designed and built the new SureColor P-Series; to provide ultimate colour and precision, superior productivity and output flexibility, superior cost of ownership and superior durability.

All of the printers in the range achieve these goals in a number of ways. The 24" SureColor SC-P6070 and 44" SureColor SC-P8070 offer roll media support with a barcode management system, fast spindle-less loading and a high-speed heavy-duty autocutter along with top load sheet support with heavy 1.5mm board support. Both printers offer significantly reduced operating costs with reduced power consumption, 9 large, cost effective ink cartridges, 2880 x 1440 maximum resolution, full Pantone certification, upgraded colour management, and an optional 320GB hard drive. The 24" SureColor SC-P7070 and 44" SureColor SC-P9070 also boast all of these features but with an increased 11 ink cartridges for an unparalleled 99% max certified Pantone® coverage.

The SC-P7070 and SC-P9070 are direct successors to Epson’s hugely successful Stylus Pro SP-7900 and SP-9900 printers. With their 11-colour ink sets (PK, MK, C, VM, Y, LC, VLM, LK, OR, GR, V/LLK) both printers can print 10 colours at any time and also feature auto Photo Black/Matte Black (PK/MK) exchange. The SC-P7070 and SC-P9070 use an extended version of UltraChrome HD ink, the new UltraChrome HDX ink. Both printers can be configured with either Light Light Black which enables 98% Pantone® coverage and gives the highest colour gamut in the industry or new Violet which increases the gamut to a new level with 99% Pantone® coverage.

The SC-P6070 and SC-P8070 are direct successors to Epson’s Stylus Pro SP-7890 and SP-9890 printers. With their 9 colour ink sets (PK, MK, C, VM, Y, LC, VLM, LK, LLK) these printers print 8 colours at any time and also have auto PK/MK exchange. Both units use Epson UltraChrome HD ink and the same ink technology as the recently released and highly acclaimed SureColor SC-P800. Boasting a similar colour gamut to current machines but with higher D-Max, increased durability and newly certified 93% Pantone coverage, these printers have again raised the bar in terms of quality.

Epson’s New UltraChrome HD/HDX ink includes a new photo black. Pigment density has been increased almost 1.5 times and the formulation adjusted enabling prints with significantly higher D-Max than those produced with Epson Stylus Pro range. UltraChrome HD/HDX also includes a new matte black where pigment density has been increased and the formulation adjusted for improved presentation. As a result, prints remain consistent with those produced with the current HDR/K3 ink on Epson genuine media. Presentation is, however, improved on third party and uncoated media which traditionally suffer from high absorption. There is also a new yellow in Epson’s UltraChrome HD/HDX. As traditional yellow pigment is susceptible to damage through exposure to UV light, Epson has put significant investment into producing a new formulation that achieves similar performance with a 30% increase in image stability when exposed to UV.

When purchased and utilised, the P-Series’ optional 320GB HDD enables multiple jobs to be sent to the printer while it is printing and processing other work. The HDD operates like a low cost print server improving work group productivity while also helping to reduce network traffic. Spooled jobs automatically commence in sequence once the existing print job has completed. A web-based management utility enables the queue to be adjusted to suit priorities and once jobs are resident on the HDD they can be reprinted as many times as required, either remotely or directly from the printer control panel.

The printer comes standard with an extensive suit of software including the new Epson Print Layout software which works in conjunction with common photo editing software including Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Nikon ViewNX-i to enable fast and flexible output to suit a wide variety of print and display requirements. Graphics and photos can be formatted for printing either as a single image or as a compound image using a range of pre-designed templates and custom settings. Colour can be adjusted to suit different presentation styles and there is an Advanced Black & White mode for professional work. It provides soft proofing functionality and supports custom media registration. It even incorporates a Gallery Wrap mode with a range of edge settings to suit images that need to be frame mounted.

Also new in the new SureColor P-Series is the Epson Color Calibration Utility (ECCU) which replaces the old Color Base Linearisation Tool. Not only is the new software easier and faster to configure, it is also easier to work with as a calibrated file can be stored within a printer and accessed by all users. Then, once a colour chart has been created it can be copied onto multiple printers. The ECCU can also check and verify whether a colour calibration is needed before printing. The P-Series also offers a new LFP accounting tool that helps users to calculate the total cost of individual jobs by inputting media and ink costs into the software. Printers can be ordered with an optional ILS30 SpectroProofer which mounts in the machines, works with the Epson software and third party applications to allow for workflows with fully integrated colour management.

For peace of mind the new SureColor P-Series printers are backed by a comprehensive 1 Year On-Site Warranty with coverage extending to parts and labour for the printer mechanism (including print heads), stand and options purchased concurrently. A new Epson CoverPlus™ programme lets users extend coverage out to a maximum total of 5 years to match with typical leasing packages and install life terms are similar with additional cover for components which reach end of life. The programme also allows can facilitate transfer of cover should the printer be on-sold.

The SureColor P-Series printers will commence shipping in late October.

See website for warranty terms and conditions

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