Epson TM-L100

Epson TM-L100

Label Printers

Easy, cost-effective, liner-free label printing for QSR and food service

Liner-free media with advanced connectivity.

Engineered for use with a wide range of devices in virtually any industry, such as hospitality, retail and more, the TM-L100 provides the most flexible connectivity options yet.

For businesses that are supplying online orders or pick-up in store, curbside pickup, delivery or cup and item labeling, the Epson TM-L100 helps keeps business moving.

The TM-L100 can also be dynamically shared with PC-POS terminals, mobile devices and cloud servers at the same time. Featuring the ability to provide a reliable wired network connection to a mobile device through USB-Network-Tethering1.

With options for Serial and Ethernet means it has the flexibility to connect to almost any system. Printing from web-based applications using Server Direct Print technology2 for online ordering. Plus, with white-space and character-height reduction, the TM-L100 LFC can reduce paper usage up to 47 percent3.

Epson provides reliability with a long printhead and auto cutter life4 plus a 1-year limited warranty and optional Extended Service Plans for up to a maximum of 5 years coverage.

The full-featured TM-L100 is a liner-free labelling solution with flexible connectivity that means business.

  • Extensive liner-free media support – Epson Tested Media1 supports high adhesive strength and is ideal for a wide variety of use cases across hospitality, retail and more
  • Flexible connectivity – for virtually any environment with built-in USB and Ethernet; plus Serial port
  • Reliability you can count on – engineered for liner-free labels with long auto cutter and printhead life2
  • Online ordering ready – Server Direct Print3 lets printer retrieve orders from a Web server and print a label without POS software integration
  • Advanced paper-saving features – white space reduction and character height reduction help reduce media usage up to 47 percent4
  • Label-taken sensor – accepts multiple jobs but only prints one label at a time; prevents continuous printing and labels adhering to each other
  • Dynamic printing – simultaneously share between legacy POS terminals, tablets and mobile devices with multiple interfaces with the ability to print from cloud servers

As with most of Epson's range of POS products, we provide a comprehensive suite of drivers and utilities, to reduce the costs of development and integration. Please contact us for more information on your application requirements.

ESC/POS is a registered trademark of Seiko Epson CORPORATION. Epson is a member of OPOS committee.

1 Proper use of tested media is consistent with the printer warranty, but damage from use of non-tested media is not covered by the printer warranty. Epson's statements about tested media are not warranties of the media, tested or otherwise, and tested media are not Epson products or warranted by Epson. See for more information on Tested Media.
2 Rated printhead and cutter lives are only estimates based on normal use of the printer with the following media only, with printer operated at room temperature and normal humidity: Model TF50KS-EY: NIPPON Paper Industries Co., Model 150PLS-LST: Ricoh Co., Ltd., Model HTFC14, Documotion Research, Inc., Models 9023-1274, 9023-1253, 9023-1823, 9023-1397, 9023-1275, 9023 1257: Iconex LLC, Ltd. Epson's statements about reliability levels are not warranties of the media or Epson's printers, and the only warranties for printers are the limited warranty statements for each printer. See for more information on Tested Media.
3 Requires network-connected printer.
4 Paper savings depend on the text and graphics printed on the receipt.