Epson M-150 Series

Epson M-150 Series

Impact Mini Printers

Ultra-compact and very reliable

Ultra-Compact and Very Reliable
The M-150 series of impact dot matrix printers is the world's most compact. They weigh less than 80 grams yet offer extremely high performance.

Perfect for Compact Drives
Because they are so compact and require so little power, the M-150 series is ideal for numerous printing applications, from handy terminals to laptop computers and compact measuring instruments.

A Variety of Symbols and Characters
The graphic printing capability allows the M-150 series to print out a variety of symbols as well as alphanumeric characters.

Battery Operatable
The low power requirements of the M-150 series allows it to operate on a Ni-Cd battery.

Four Models to Choose From
From the models available, you can choose the one that accommodates your paper and column requirements.