Epson M-180 Series

Epson M-180 Series

Impact Mini Printers

Fast and highly durable

Fast and Highly Durable
The M-180 series of impact dot matrix printers offers greater speed and durability than even the M-150 series. The maximum printing speed is 1.7 lines / second and an MCBF of 1 x 106 lines.

Ultra-Compact Design
Weighing less than 100grams and extremely compact, the M-180 series offers solid performance for their size.

Perfect for Compact Measuring Instruments
The M-180 series accommodates specialised needs with selectable print formats (18 to 42 columns), making this series one of the most popular for use with compact measuring instruments.

Fast Paper Feeding Function
The fast paper feed function is standard on all models in the M-180 series.

Ni-Cd Battery Operation
The M-180 can be operated on four Ni-Cd batteries.