Announcement to customers using Epson scanner Perfection V30/ V33/ V300/ V330/ V37/ V370 - the AC adapter can overheat, melt or ignite - STOP using the AC adapter now.

Thank you very much for your support of Epson products. Epson constantly monitors product performance and manufacturing practices to ensure our products meet the very highest standards and expectations of our customers.

In a small number of Epson scanner products, specifically models Perfection V30/ V33/ V300/ V330/ V37/ V370, sold by Epson between 2010 and 2013, the supplied AC adapter as shown in Image 1 may overheat, melt or ignite potentially causing deformation of the DC plug, smoke, odour and in rare cases, fire or property damage. No injuries have been reported.

Customer safety and satisfaction are always Epson's top priority. If you have an AC adapter in the affected range Epson will exchange it with a new AC adapter, free of charge.

For customers who are in possession of an affected AC adapter, we apologise for the inconvenience. Please STOP USING the AC adapter and contact our dedicated phone line on 0800 237 766 for a replacement.

Please carefully review and follow the instructions provided below to confirm your scanner is impacted by this announcement and exchange your affected AC adapter.


How to identify affected equipment:

If both (A) and (B) below are met, you have an affected AC adapter.
STOP using the AC adapter immediately and disconnect the power source at the power point.

A) The part number of the AC adapter (found on the label) is "EADP-16CB E".
B)The first four numbers of the SERIAL No. (found on the label) is inclusive of and within 1001 ~ 1248.

Image 2 and 3 shows that A) is the target Part number and B) the first four numbers of the serial number is within the affected range of 1001 ~ 1248.
A) Part number: EADP-16CB E
B) Serial No: 1245
Therefore this AC adapter qualifies for replacement.


Scanner models to which the target AC adapter is attached.
Perfection V30/ V33/ V300/ V330/ V37/ V370



Contact us
Please confirm your scanner and AC adapter is eligible for replacement using the 2 steps above.

If these steps confirm your scanner requires a replacement adapter then, please contact us via phone on 0800 237 766.