Epson WorkForce ES-C380W

WorkForce ES-C380W

Document Scanners

Compact Desktop Document Scanner

Our price: $549.00 inc GST - plus delivery

A compact network A4 scanner with a small footprint while in use, versatile media handling and low power consumption.

  • Ultra Compact – Small footprint, even when in use
  • Scanway – PC-free scanning to popular Cloud-based services
  • Two-in-one – U-turn path and straight path give you two scanners in one
  • Document Capture Pro – Advanced scanner functions
  • Lower environmental impact – Power consumption 3.3 W in ready mode and 1.0 W in sleep mode


The scanner's U-turn path position allows paper to be scanned without adding to the footprint of the device. Switch to straight path mode to scan passports and booklets up to 5 mm thick. Scan to popular cloud based services including OneDrive, Sharepoint online and Microsoft Teams*. With a low power consumption, it also has a lower environmental impact.

The WorkForce® ES-C380W is a modern and powerful document scanner that simplifies your document management process with its intuitive design and exceptional flexibility. With this high-performance workhorse, you can organise stacks of documents and make keeping piles of paperwork for your records a thing of the past. The ES-C380W is designed for fast and easy document management, offering features such as 2-sided scanning and wireless connectivity that keep your business moving forward.


Versatile Scanning

The ES-C380W scanner is designed to be highly versatile and portable, making it an ideal choice for low-volume scanning tasks. It can handle a wide range of media types, including envelopes, PD cards, long paper, A3 (stitched), passports, and booklets up to 5 mm thick. The scanner also comes with a host of enhancement features, enabling you to improve text sharpness, as well as correcting edge folds, tears, border shadows, and punch hole removal.





The selector allows you to easily switch between straight path mode and U-turn mode, even while in operation, enabling you to create a single PDF. When the scanner is in U-turn mode, paper can be scanned without adding to the device's footprint, making it the perfect choice when space is at a premium. This makes it the ideal for any environment where desk space is limited.

Low Environment Impact

With a power consumption of only 3.3 W in ready mode and 1.0 W in sleepmode, it will also save you energy.