Genuine projector lamps

Get the best picture quality and feel secure in the knowledge that you're using a genuine, safe and reliable lamp

What you need to know

At Epson, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality projectors and lamps that are safe, reliable and provide the best viewing experience. As such, we’d like to shed light on an issue that may affect users of projectors. There are non-genuine lamps available in the market and, while we welcome competition, it is essential that all parts of the projector come together to deliver the optimal performance and experience for you, the user. Epson has no control over non-genuine lamps, and since consumers have no guarantee of quality, testing or regulation, these products may not be reliable. Non-genuine lamps are often poor quality in terms of light output and lifetime, and they also pose a real threat, with some non-genuine lamps overheating smoke being emitted from the lamp and electric sparks from the lamp connector. We're working with law enforcement officials to help them seize counterfeit products, plus we’re sharing our knowledge so that it’s possible for you to avoid the pitfalls of non-genuine and counterfeit lamps.

Why buy genuine lamps?

When you buy an Epson projector, you're buying the very best in projection technology from the number one manufacturer in the world1. We ensure that each and every part of every projector is developed to the same high standard, and that's why we've been number one for over a decade1. Epson genuine lamps are a part of that technology. If you buy genuine, you’re buying our promise that you’re getting the best possible lamp for your Epson projector.

With genuine lamps, you can enjoy superior picture quality, value for money and lamp life, protect your warranty, and safeguard yourself against potential risks.

Non-genuine vs. genuine

Non-genuine lamps can overheat and, in the worst cases, set fire to the projector. This makes the importance of investing in genuine products clear to see. Non-genuine and counterfeit lamps can create a whole catalogue of problems affecting your viewing experience, warranty and costs.


Counterfeit lamps can deteriorate and fail much faster than genuine ones

Lasting Reliability

Epson's genuine lamps are made to last, ensuring longetivity for your projectors and cost-effectiveness in the long run


When using non-genuine lamps, parts of your Epson projector such as the housing or wires may overheat, disconnect, or become damaged, and in the worst case, smoke could be emitted from the lamp and electric sparks from the lamp connector.

Assured safety

Non-genuine lamps can have a 65% failure rate after 2,000 hours of use. Epson's genuine lamps are quality controlled, and consequently, the more reliable choice.2

Poor image quality

Counterfeit lamps may result in inaccurate colour projection, lower brightness levels, and flickering images that disrupt your viewing experience.

Clear & consistent image quality

Expect consistent performance from your projector with continuously bright and realistic images - only with genuine Epson lamps.

Epson projectors produce bright and vivid colours and true-to-life images thanks to our unique 3LCD technology. To ensure your Epson projector delivers equally high White and Colour Light Output (CLO) over its lifetime, we recommend using genuine Epson lamps.

Results of using non-genuine lamps:



Poor image quality

How to avoid purchasing a counterfeit lamp:

There are a few simple things you can do to ensure you buy a genuine Epson lamp.

  • Make your purchase from one of Epson's official dealers or go to Epson’s own online shop for peace of mind
  • Order with confidence from approved resellers and reputable sellers available both online and offline
  • Beware of making purchases that are considerably lower than the RRP. Don't be tempted by cheap deals that you know are too good to be true
  • Check the packaging; there should be no spelling mistakes

Clamping down on counterfeiting

We have been working with law enforcement officials to help protect our customers against counterfeit products, and in just a few years, tens of thousands of counterfeit lamps have already been seized. As part of our work with law enforcement officials, we have developed a special colour shifting label to help them identify genuine products. It is placed on all lamp housing and projector lamp boxes (introduced 2012), to ensure it is easy to identify counterfeit products.

Up to 10,000h
of usage3

Get up to 10,000 hours of usage3

We believe it's essential to offer our customers lamps with a long lifetime, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for non- genuine lamps. Our lamps provide up to 10,000 hours of usage, which equates to watching a movie every day for 15 years4.

Keep your warranty

Epson lamps are specifically designed and rigorously tested to work with Epson projectors. They are produced under stringent quality control standards that enable Epson to guarantee optimum performance of the projector and lamp. As it's not possible for Epson to test and evaluate non-genuine lamps, any malfunctions caused as a result of these lamps may void the projector warranty5.

Ensure the right fit for the best picture

Epson lamps are precisely positioned within a specially-designed housing for easy and accurate placement inside an Epson projector. Any variation in the location of the lamp, either inside the housing or the projector, will affect your projector’s brightness and image quality. Epson lamps must be placed correctly to provide optimum projector performance - this cannot be assured with non-genuine lamps.

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  1. Largest unit share of the market for 500-lumen and higher projectors. (Survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting Limited for the period from 2001 to 2015.)
  2. Testing by Epson based on IEC61947-1 aging test over 2,000 hours on 34 non-genuine lamps, Sept 2014.
  3. Hours vary by model. To check the lamp hours per model, please refer to compatible projector model specification and refer to ’lamp life’.
  4. Based on a movie length of 105 minutes when the projector is in Eco Mode
  5. Subject to projector warranty period, new replacement lamps are covered by a three month warranty. For more information, please visit for individual projector technical specs, Epson CoverPlus service and extended warranties.
  6. Compared to leading 1-chip DLP home entertainment projectors. Epson 720p projectors are three times brighter; Epson 1080p projectors are consistently two and up to three times brighter. Based on NPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Colour brightness (Colour Light Output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. For more information please visit