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320GB SureColor Series Hard Disk Drive

Product Code: C12C848031

This optional 320GB Hard Disk Drive can added to selected SureColor printers. It mounts internally and can be user installed with minimum effort. Once installed it operates as a high speed print server and allows files to be spooled to the printer by multiple users. It provides support for larger file sizes while also enabling faster and more efficient operation with reduced network traffic. Jobs which have been spooled to the HDD and are awaiting printing can be rescheduled remotely and from the printer control panel. Once jobs have been printed they can also be recalled and reprinted without having to be retransmitted.

Note: Printers supplied with Postscript already include an HDD and cannot be upgraded with an additional unit. Some older T series printers have a different interface and will not support the 320GB HDD – please see C12C843911 instead.

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