DTG Replacement Air Filter Kit

DTG Replacement Air Filter Kit
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Product Code: C13S092021
(Epson Global Code: C13S092021)
Suits Products: SureColor F2000 - DTG, SureColor F2160 - DTG,


Inkjet printers can generate a small amount of peripheral airborne spray or mist. Epson DTG printers include a mist extraction system with filters that require periodic replacement.

IMPORTANT: Occasionally mist can escape the extraction system and adhere to internals within the printer. Periodic manual cleaning should be undertaken to remove ink build up. Please read your user manual carefully and follow instructions included with the printer and/ or provided separately by Epson. Should regular maintenance not be performed then it may invalidate warranty as well as the terms of a Service Pack.

This kit includes one replacement filter and five cleaning wipes.