DS Cap Cleaning Kit

DS Cap Cleaning Kit
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Product Code: C13S210053
(Epson Global Code: C13S210053)
Suits Products: SureColor F9200 - 64", SureColor F7200 - 64", SureColor F6360 - 44", SureColor F6460 - 44", SureColor F6460H – 44",


In addition to normal printer maintenance (see C13S210042 & C13S210038) it is recommended that the print head caps on Epson Dye Sublimation printers be cleaned regularly. This ensures optimal print quality and reliable mechanical operation.

The cleaning frequency depends on the workload and operational environment; 1-2 times a month for low print volumes &/or clean office environments, once a week for high volumes &/or clean industrial environments, daily for maximum production &/or dusty environments.

The kit includes a bottle of cleaning liquid (150ml), 50 large cleaning sticks, 25 small cleaning sticks, 2 droppers and set pairs of gloves.