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Making Memories Tangible

01 Aug,2018

Blog written by Cassandra English from Hazel&Cass  

To be honest, when I was sent the Epson EcoTank Expression Premium ET-7750 I was fairly sceptical. I usually use an Epson SureColour P5070: an incredible printer that prints the most beautiful fine-art photos for my clients. Of course, such high-quality prints cost more in the ink department, so I don’t often use it to print out my own everyday photos — only a select few for displaying on the walls. My first thought was that since I already have this amazing printer, I don’t really have use for another. Boy, was I wrong.
I am your textbook ‘mumtographer’: I take countless photos of my children but do nothing with them. Printing my own family photos and making albums always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list. Just the thought of doing this was daunting; finding the time to sort through years of phone photos, transferring them onto a USB stick to take to one of those kiosks at the mall … ugh. It very quickly became a chore. Something that should have brought me excitement and joy instead left me feeling unmotivated and guilty for never making the time to preserve my family’s precious memories.


When the printer arrived, my three-year-old daughter, Hazel, instantly claimed it as her own and declared, “I want to print photos, Mummy.” Her enthusiasm finally ignited my own, and, with the Epson EcoTank, we were able to start our little box of history right then and there.


The inspiration for this box lay in two distinct childhood memories I have of printed photos, and the hope that I could create similarly moving experiences for my children. The first memory is of excitement; of filling up my disposable camera and then finally getting the prints back from the pharmacy not knowing what was going to come out. Even the memory of shuffling through those photos for the first time gives me warm fuzzies. Looking at them now, they are a real insight into how I saw the world as a child.Hazel_Cass4.

The second memory is of awe; of going to my grandparents’ house and carefully rifling through an old wooden box filled to the brim with loose prints. 

Even then, these images were a priceless documentation of the history of my father and his family. The feeling of holding these moments from lives past, which could otherwise be long forgotten, in my hands is indescribable. I recently found myself in this position again when sorting through my grandfather’s old photos after he passed away. I came across an image almost a century old, yet in amazing condition — my dear grandad, aged two. It wasn’t a professional portrait; it was simply him sitting outside his family home, taken by his mum.

So far, Hazel and I have printed out hundreds of our own 6x4” glossy memories, including out-takes from photo shoots, and everyday phone photos from the last three years, captured by myself, Hazel, and my husband. Incredibly, 360 photos did not even make a dent in our ink supply. 

The Epson EcoTank makes it incredibly quick and effortless, allowing me to send images straight from my phone to the printer. Within minutes, images were printed and added to our box. I was even inspired to write dates and memories on the back of some prints like my grandparents used to do. 


Knowing that those simple, everyday moments that are so easily lost can now be physically held, protected, and remembered is incredibly comforting. No longer will these moments be forgotten about in some ‘cloud’ but instead, stored in a special place in our home, ready and waiting to be shuffled, passed around, and laughed over, as I did with grandparents as a child. I can’t wait to see the kids, in the years and decades to come, holding these memories in their hands, corners bent, worn and torn … but well loved. Perhaps they’ll even have their own additions to our little box of history. 

Hazel_Cass6.    Hazel_Cass8.

Highlights about this printer that I think are AMAZING

  • It comes with 2 years of ink!
  • Wireless, you can print straight from your phone, Ipad etc.
  • Easy no fuss paper handling
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