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The real reason why your family printer is so expensive

08 Feb,2019

Your kid’s homework can’t wait. Neither can your home office, if you’re running one. Printing is an everyday part of life, but the costs run up, don’t they?

Print your kids Homework with Epson Ecotank Printer

If you have a bad printer, it will. Many printer owners at home are still trying to squeeze the last remnants of life out of their old devices to save themselves from buying a new one. In reality, this very action is what's running up the bill, and switching to a new printer is what could bring it down.

Cheap printers are rarely a good deal when you factor in lifetime running costs.

Why your printer is costing so much

Your family printer has a running cost that is almost always higher than you realise. Many printers are cheap upfront, but they can run you up to hundreds or thousands in the long haul!

To find out why, you’ll have to look at your printer’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Simply put, TCO calculates the lifetime price of ink/toner, electricity usage and required maintenance. These three factors are what most folks don't think about in their local office supplies store, but always work out higher than the purchase price in the end.

The reason you need to buy a new printer to cut down costs, as backwards as it seems, is it's the TCO that is probably inflating your bills.

Common example: Let's say you bought an $80 laser printer. Seems like a good deal at the time, but what's the TCO? Well, toner is rarely less than $80, which means one box of toner is same price as the printer itself. Now multiply that for every refill you require over the years. And we still haven't factored electricity costs or maintenance, both of which can be higher in cheaper printers. See? That TCO has run up already and we only just bought the device. Now imagine using it for 10 years.

So what's the alternative?

Invest in a printer designed to help families like yours cut costs. We designed the Epson EcoTank range to fit this bill. Our range of economical inkjet devices - with models available for printing documents and pro-quality photos - is specially made to cut lifetime ink costs right back. Plus the devices use hardly any electricity at all and maintenance is minimal! Check this out:

Epson Ecotank Cuts Your Printing Costs

Additionally, to make life easier on you, EcoTank printers come with a visible ink tank window - so you can always see at a glance how much ink you have left.

To finally cut down printing prices in your household and give your family the freedom to print, browse our range online today, or find your nearest Genuine Epson supplier

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