Epson 24" SpectroProofer 30 Upgrade Kit

Large Format Printer Options

Optional SpectroProofer
This device is designed to help operators achieve a high degree of colour accuracy when transitioning from design to print. It also helps ensure colour consistency is maintained from one print to the next. It mounts to the front of an Epson printer and when used with appropriate RIP software helps automate calibration and verification.

This product is designed to integrate with existing print workflows. It is particularly useful for contract proofing and the generation of colour certification labels. It operates with either a black or white backing on the measurement patch and conforms to the ISO-12647-7 standard

There are two versions of this product, each designed for different media types. The model with a UV cut filter suits media with optical brighteners.

Product Code:SPECTRO24SP

Stylus Pro 7890 - 24" C11CB51001
Stylus Pro 7900 - 24" C11CA12001
Stylus Pro WT7900 - 24" A1 C11CA68001
SureColor P6070 - 24" C11CE41401
SureColor P7070 - 24" C11CE39401