Epson SD-10 Spectrophotometer

SD-10 Spectrophotometer

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For over 25 years Epson has maintained a leadership position in digital colour. From our first proofing printers to our latest high speed production machines, our focus has always been on precision and gamut. When it comes to print quality and consistency Epson has become the standard against which others are measured. Whether you produce graphics or posters, photos or fine art, signs, packaging or fabric, if you want superior imaging then we have the answer. As many are aware, Epson is not only a leader in print but also optics. We have used our optical experience to develop a product to help optimise your production process and ensure you get exactly the output you want with exactly the colour you need.

The SD-10 is an ultra-compact high-precision spectrophotometer. Small in size but big in features, it is designed to be your constant print companion. It lets you determine the exact colour of a test item and compare it with another or with a known standard such as Pantone®.  You can scan a series of items and compare the colours as a group. Data can be stored for subsequent recall, analysis and export. Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, it has a high capacity lithium ion battery so you can take it wherever you need to be; out with a customer or a supplier, over with a designer or down on the production floor. Most importantly the readings you take are accurate and consistent.


  • Compact Design – Just 225 cm2 (not much larger than a standard PC mouse)
  • High Precision – Self-calibrating high-accuracy spectrophotometer with selectable UV filtering and integrated multi-spectrum annular light source.
  • High Flexibility – Integrates with iOS & Android devices via a downloadable free app, displays data in multiple formats inc. LAB, CYMK, RGB, etc.
  • High Functionality – Take spot readings, read groups of patches, compare readings and get ∆E values between readings and against established sets, produce spectral maps with In/Out limits.
  • High Usability – Battery operated with USB charging, Bluetooth & USB interfacing, integrated lens cover, stores data in memory and will export with time/date stamps.
  • Easy to Operate – Simple push button operation with an integrated colour LCD display, added functionality enabled via the Epson Spectrometer app.
  • Designed for Business – All-in-one with no additional accessories or attachments to carry or lose, lens cover protects the optics when not in use, 1yr warranty with service cover extendable up to 5 years.