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The SureColor R5000L is designed to produce signage, décor and promotional material. It uses aqueous (water-based) ink that is similar to Latex but formulated for enhanced scratch resistance and a lower curing temperature. Enhanced print durability is matched with enhanced mechanical reliability and a reduced running cost. Lower curing temperatures enable reduced power consumption and wider media compatibility. When applied with Epson print head, image processing and media handling, it enables output with superior consistency and quality. Applications include durable indoor/outdoor signs, banners, wall coverings, decals/stickers, film, and even custom fabric.

The SC-R5000L combines Epson imaging technology with new Epson UltraChrome RS ink. The printer supports rapid job turnaround with superior print quality. Output can be produced quickly and laminated with minimal delay. Images can be made with colour that is accurate and repeatable, in sizing that is accurate and consistent. The printer meets the latest OH&S standards and can be operated in a variety of environments including offices and studios. It uses cost-effective bag-based ink and features a dual supply with automated hot-swapping. It offers outstanding value with high reliability and low maintenance, backed with flexible service than can be extended up to five years.1

  • Superior Performance – High-Speed 2.6" PrecisionCore® Print Head, 24L Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) and Dual 4L waste
  • Superior Media Support – Epson UltraChrome RS ink cures at a lower temperature for enhanced media compatibility5 on roll-based stock up to 1626mm (64-inch) wide and 1mm thick
  • Superior Print Quality – Epson Precision Dot and Variable Sized Dot Technology (VSDT) for accurate colour with a wider gamut and reduced grain in resolutions up to 1200 x 2400 dpi
  • Superior Print Consistency – Intelligent feed management with Advanced Auto Tension Control (Ad-ATC) combined with precise temperature control ensures accurate and consistent output to suit the most demanding tiling and wallcovering applications2.
  • Superior Integration – Compact design with flexible networking, runs off a 16A 240V power supply, suits operation in a wide variety of office and production environments.1
  • Efficient Operation – Easy loading and fast setting with downloadable media profiles, flexible operation with a large touch panel control, see-through platen cover and platen lighting. Supplied with Epson Edge Print and works with a range of 3rd party RIP / workflow applications3
  • Low Production Costs – Cost-effective bag-based ink, advanced self-cleaning and self-maintenance, high durability print heads, bulk ink system and dual CISS with auto hot-swap.
  • Flexible Service –1-year on-site parts and labour cover extendable up to 5 years with Epson Cloud Solution PORT for enhanced support and optional User Self Replacement of the print head4

Superior Quality & Consistency

The SureColor R5000L incorporates one of Epson's latest high-speed PrecisionCore print heads. The heads employs Variable Sized Dot Technology (VSDT) for an enhanced gamut with smooth gradation and minimum ink consumption. While competing head technologies use heat to form droplets, Epson employs a patented MicroPiezo operation, which is more precise and gentle on the ink, enabling superior colour accuracy and consistency. The head is driven by Epson Precision Dot Technology with a new multi-layer halftone system that enables high-speed production with reduced grain and banding. The printer ships complete with Epson Edge Print software which provides access to the full capabilities of the print engine. Stable and consistent colour makes this printer perfect for tiling and wallpaper applications. Multiple print modes with selectable resin optimiser application (in-line or post overlay) provide enhanced flexibility for quality and speed adjustment.

While others may cut corners, Epson is dedicated to quality and reliability. The SC-R5000L incorporates a heavy-duty, high-strength chassis that is robot assembled for extreme parallelism. A ‘closed mushroom’ paper path, combined with an intelligent Media Feed System and Advanced Auto Tension Control (ad-ATC) ensure accurate tracking on a wide range of media types. Print placement, sizing, and linearity are all precise and consistent. A multi-stage, multi-element heating system ensures ink dries quickly and evenly for predictable and consistent colour. Airflow is carefully controlled to optimise the drying process while minimising dust intrusion.

The printer uses Epson’s latest Resin ink technology. Designed to compete against Latex, it features a similar aqueous (water-based) construction with a formulation that meets the highest ecological and OH&S certifications while offering enhanced scratch resistance and a lower curing temperature. The reduced temperature enables compatibility with an enhanced range of media including delicate films and fabrics. It suits a wide range of applications including durable indoor/outdoor signage, banners, wall coverings, decals, film, and custom fabric. The ink dries quickly for maximum productivity and rapid job turnaround.

Reduced Maintenance and Running Cost

The SureColor R5000L is designed to address the competitive nature of the modern signage market. It offers superior output with reduced maintenance. The print head is protected with crash guards and a sensor that detects jams and rubbing. Inkless nozzle status monitoring is matched with active intelligent masking should a nozzle dropout occur during production and a fabric wiper that engages periodically to remove ink and fibre buildup. On-board maintenance liquid ensures key components are kept clean and lubricated. Print quality is maximised while wastage, maintenance and the need for operator intervention is minimised.

The SC-R5000L features a dual ink supply system with automatic hot-swap and ships complete with an Auto Take-Up unit to enable efficient unattended roll-to-roll production. It uses 1.5 litre bags (pouches) that are cost-effective to purchase, compact to store and transport, easy to agitate and crushable after use. Loading is achieved quickly and easily via a simple tray system.

While traditional Latex printers suffer from limited lifespans and require regular maintenance, Epson printers are built for durable and cost-effective operation. Print heads last longer to provide considerable savings on running cost while ensuring more consistent output without the need for regular colour correction. Implementation of new Epson Cloud Solution PORT means customers now have the option to replace heads themselves for reduced downtime and increased flexibility. To complement all of this our printers are backed with comprehensive on-site CoverPlus, extendable up to FIVE years.4

Easy to Install and Operate

The SC-R5000L uses a 16A power supply that is easy to install. The printer features a compact design and requires a moderate amount of operational space. The machine produces moderate noise and almost no odour when printing. It is suited to installation in a variety of environments including factories, shops, offices, and design studios.1

One or more printers can be managed by a single operator. An integrated media lifter and a platen release, with access from both the front and rear, ensures that loading is easy. Media setting can be completed quickly with auto skew correction and downloadable EMX profiles. The printer features a see-through platen cover with integrated lighting and a large LCD touch control panel. It ships with Epson Edge Dashboard for desktop management and incorporates an industrial-style signal lamp with audible alarm for operation in large workspaces.

The SureColor R5000L ships with Epson Edge Print. This software combines a powerful set of image compilation and print controls with an interface that is simple to learn, easy to use and offers full on-screen visualisation. Additional Epson Accounting software enables cost tracking while new Epson Cloud Solution PORT provides enhanced monitoring access to advanced service and support.3

1Ink produces minimal smell however many production media types tend to produce an odour when heated. To ensure optimum equipment reliability, colour accuracy and print stability it is recommended that printers be operated within a temperature and humidity controlled environment. For operation within an office or studio environment it is recommended that air-conditioning have reasonable airflow.

2This printer does not print borderless. Applications such as vinyl wall coverings and wallpaper production may require prints to be processed through a 3rd party edge cutter before use.

3Epson Edge Print is an application built specifically for Windows OS. It is simple to use and offers access to the full capabilities of the print engine. Customers may choose to use alternative 3rd party RIP &/or workflow software however for compatibility information please contact the relevant suppliers directly. This printer ships pre-loaded with generic settings for a wide range of substrate types and print modes. Additional EMX print and media profile settings can also be downloaded through Epson Edge Dashboard. The EMX library is extensive and continues to expand, however Epson cannot guarantee that settings for a particular media type &/or print mode will be available at any particular time.

4 Printers are supplied in Australia and New Zealand with a limited warranty which is augmented with a minimum of 1 year on-site CoverPlus. CoverPlus provides comprehensive parts and labour cover. Provision of service and support is conditional on a range of factors including activation of Epson Cloud Solution PORT, use of correct and genuine consumables, appropriate use and maintenance of equipment. It is also important to note that there are limits on the number of head replacements provided free of charge. This model supports user-replaceable print heads, conditional on activation of Epson Cloud Solution PORT and training being undertaken by the operator. Please refer to the specs page, Signage Warranty page and model-specific CoverPlus pages on this web site for further detail.

5Operation with media that has reduced heat tolerance (particularly water-impermeable vinyl and film stocks) may require fitting of an optional Media Spacer.