Epson SureColor V7000 - 4 x 8 UV

SureColor V7000 - 4 x 8 UV


V7000 Testimonial

V7000 Testimonial video

The SureColor V7000 is designed to produce durable images on a wide range of substrates, with superior colour and colour accuracy. The printer features a large 1.25 x 2.50m bed with multi-zone vacuum and uses 10 UV inks. It will print on many types of media including paper and film, board and core flute, vinyl and canvas, aluminium, timber and acrylic. It suits applications including signage, POS / POP, packaging, décor, custom cabinetry and graphic art.

The SC-V7000 combines Epson precision imaging and print head technology with new UltraChrome UV ink. The printer supports flexible production with 4 separate print zones and support for media up to 80mm thick. 8 colour inks are applied with VSDT to enable output with an extremely wide gamut and fine gradation. Additional White ink and Varnish can be applied as a layer and/or a spot colour for enhanced application suitability and image expression. The printer is designed to provide durable and worry-free operation backed by a comprehensive service program that can be extended up to five (5) years. 1

  • Superior Performance – Eight PrecisionCore® Print Heads support print speeds up to 43m2/hr and print resolutions up to 720 x 1440dpi.
  • Superior Quality – Eight Epson UltraChrome UV colour inks are applied with Epson Precision Dot and Variable Sized Dot Technology (VSDT) for prints with an exceptional gamut and super-fine gradation.
  • Superior Finish – Additional White ink and Varnish can be applied as a layer or spot colour for enhanced application support, image expression and finish quality.
  • Superior Media Support – Supports substrates up to 1.25 x 2.50m in thicknesses up to 80mm with a media height sensor and layout pins for easy set-up/alignment, and EMX for rapid configuration.
  • High Reliability – Linear Motion Guide carriage movement, integrated ionizer, media crash and operator proximity sensors.
  • High Flexibility – Integrated multi-zone vacuum system, supplied with Epson Edge Print and management software, can also be used with a range of 3rd party RIP and workflow applications.2
  • High Durability with Reduced Cost – Durable construction backed with CoverPlus extendable up to 5 years complete with an annual maintenance program and Epson Cloud Solution PORT support.1

Superior Image Quality

The SC-V7000 features eight Epson PrecisionCore print heads. While competing head technologies use heat to form droplets, Epson employs a patented MicroPiezo operation. The chemical structure of the ink is subject to reduced stress while volume and ejection timing is more precisely controlled. The heads employ Variable Sized Dot Technology (VSDT) for smooth gradation and an enhanced gamut. They are driven with Epson Precision Dot Technology for superior quality imaging with accurate and consistent colour.

The printer uses Epson’s latest ink technology. UltraChrome UV features a 10-colour set that includes 8 standard inks along with White and Varnish. When applied with Epson image processing and print technology, it enables quality output. Prints are bright and glossy, with exceptional clarity and colour. White can be applied as an undercoat for operation with film and coloured stocks, and can also be used as a highlight. Varnish can be applied as a flood to give added protection and gloss, or as a spot colour for enhanced detail and image expression.

Simple Operation with Enhanced Production Flexibility

The SureColor V7000 is driven by a Windows-based controller application that combines comprehensive features with a straight forward interface. A mounting is provided on the printer that supports a monitor and keyboard for direct management. Epson Edge Dashboard software enables desktop monitoring while an integrated industrial style signal lamp and audible alarm aids with operation in large workspaces.2

The printer offers flatbed loading with support for media up to 80mm thick. The head carriage incorporates a media height sensor, while the bed incorporates placement pins to aid with set-up and alignment. An integrated multi-zone vacuum system provides a highly flexible production environment.

The printer ships complete with Epson Edge Print, which incorporates a high-quality Adobe print engine. The software provides a powerful set of image editing tools and has an interface that is simple to learn, easy to use, and offers advanced on-screen visualisation. The printer is also compatible with a range of 3rd party RIP and workflow applications.2

Superior Reliability & Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

The SureColor V7000 is designed to address the competitive nature of the modern signage market. It offers superior image quality, with flexible production, extended durability and a reduced running cost. The printer uses ink that is supplied in cost-effective 1L bottles and is applied using VSDT for optimal image quality with minimum consumption. The print carriage uses a Linear Motion Guide operation for smooth and reliable operation. The carriage has integrated crash guards and an ionizer for consistent output with minimum media wastage. The heads are designed to provide an extended operational life for maximum return on investment with reduced maintenance and downtime.

The nature of UV ink and flatbed equipment traditionally makes installation and operation rather complex. The SC-V7000 uses single-phase 240V power and requires a 30A circuit that is easy to install. Epson has a pre-installation checklist for customers to review during the purchase process, and we provide technicians to assist with installation. Multiple operation methods are backed with enhanced user safety including an operator proximity sensor on the gantry.3

Epson has long been renowned for our service. When it comes to the SC-V7000 we have gone further. The printer comes with on-site CoverPlus that provides parts and labour cover for up to 5 years. We also include a maintenance program and provide proactive support linked to Epson Cloud Solution PORT.1

1Printers are supplied in Australia and New Zealand with a limited warranty which is augmented with a minimum of 1 year on-site CoverPlus. CoverPlus for this model includes parts and labour cover as well as periodic maintenance and support. There are limits on the service, with provision conditional on a range of factors including activation of Epson Cloud Solution PORT, use of correct and genuine consumables, appropriate installation, use and maintenance of equipment. Please refer to the specs page, Signage Warranty page and model-specific CoverPlus pages on this web site for further detail.

2A PC will be required to run the flatbed controller application. Epson Edge Print is a Windows only application that is simple to use and offers access to the full capabilities of the print engine. Customers may choose to use alternative 3rd party RIP and/or workflow software however we recommend you contact the relevant suppliers directly to confirm compatibility. This printer ships pre-loaded with generic settings for a range of substrate types and print modes. Additional EMX print and media profile settings can also be downloaded through Epson Edge Dashboard. The EMX library is extensive and continuing to expand however we cannot guarantee that settings for a particular media type and/or print mode will be available at any particular time.

3It is important to understand that UV print quality is highly media dependant and a reasonable level of care needs to be taken when handling UV ink and performing periodic maintenance. Ink also produces ozone and a certain level of odour that requires management. For optimum performance, it is recommended that extensive image testing be performed prior to purchase and the printer be operated in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Pre-purchase and pre-installation checklists are available to assist customers in reviewing product suitability, site suitability and staff capabilities prior to installation.