Epson UltraChrome Ink

An improved version of Epson's Archival ColorFast ink and developed for the latest generation of inkjet professional printers, Epson UltraChrome Ink is one of the most important advances made in printing. Achieving superb colour expression on a variety of media is made possible by an increase of the density of pigment content in the ink, which also provides for a much wider range of media support. Even with greater pigment density, each particle has an extremely smooth and uniform resin coating, ensuring superbly sharp image reproduction on both specialty media and plain paper along with marked improvements in light and water resistance.

New UltraChrome Ink
  • Enlarged Cross-sectional Image of Printing
  • Ideal light reflection broadens the range of colour reproduction.

Large Colour Gamut

Epson UltraChrome Ink can deliver twice the density of conventional Epson pigment ink. As a result, it reproduces a larger range of colour compared with silver halide photographs.

Large Colour Gamut

Superb Water Resistant Epson Pigment Ink

Since dye based ink contains water-soluble colourant, the colourant dissolves when coming in contact with water. The Epson Stylus PictureMate 500, Epson Stylus PHOTO R800 and Epson Stylus R1800 use only pigment ink. And therefore each print has superb water-resistance whether monochrome or colour.

Superb Water-resistant Pigment Ink

Excellent Durability

The pigment colourant improves light and gas resistance. Since the pigment colourant exists in the particle form, only the surface is affected by light and gas, and the colour inside remains vivid. Epson UltraChrome Ink utilises this property of pigment ink effectively achieving superior light and gas resistance.

Extremely High Archivability

Excellent Durability

Comparison of Lightfastness of Different Paper Types

Excellent Durability

Test Conditions

  1. Under fluorescent light (indoor display condition) with glass mount.
  2. The data is calculated by Epson's accelerated test and it does not mean Epson guarantees periods.
  3. The estimate longevity does not indicate the colour changing and the durability of the paper itself.

Lightfastness test criteria (Indoor display condition)

Light source: Fluorescent Light
Intensity: 70,000 lux
Temperature: 24°C
Humidity: 60%RH
Glass mount: 2mm, soda lime
Fade criteria: Pure YMC 30% loss at OD=1
Display life calculation: Total illuminance