Epson Optional Print Drying System

Large Format Printer Options

The SureColor Print Drying System is an optional accessory which mounts to nominated Solvent printer models. It is controlled via the printer and blows cool air to accelerate drying. It is used to enable operation at high production speeds, with heavy ink loads. It is also useful for operation with White or Metal ink &/or when the printer is operated under difficult environmental conditions such as high humidity or low room temperatures.

Note: This accessory is included as standard with the SC-S60600, S60660L & S80660L.

Product Code:C12C932381

SureColor S40600 - 64" C11CE44401
SureColor S60660L - 64" CISS C11CH23401
SureColor S80600 - 64" C11CE45401
SureColor S80660L - 64" CISS C11CH24401