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Epson SureColor PORT Promotion

Epson SureColor PORT Promotion

Purchase one of the following new Epson SureColor printers from authorised Epson New Zealand resellers between 27 June 2022 and 26 August 2022, activate it on Epson Cloud PORT, and claim an Epson SD-10 Spectrophotometer valued at NZD$1,669.00 RRP inc GST for only $1.00.

Cloud Solution PORT is a new printer management service from Epson. Real-time data can be accessed from the desktop or a mobile app. Operators can monitor equipment and production status. Managers can track asset utilisation and material consumption. You can be on the shop floor, out dealing with customers or at home with family and have information at your fingertips. Best of all the service is FREE.

Eligible SureColor Printers*

  • SC-F2160 & SC-F3000#
  • SC-F7200, SC-F10060# & SC-F10060H#
  • SC-S60660L, SC-S80600, & SC-S80660L
  • SC-V7000
  • SC-P7560, SC-P9560, SC-P8560D# & SC-P20070
  • SC-T7760D#

*The user must first create a PORT account (if they do not already have one) and configure their new printer to operate with the service. Configuration will require access to the internet, and with models other than those marked# the installation of a server application on the same network as the printer to enable data transfer. The server software may be installed on a separate PC or on an existing PC (it can be configured to run in the background). For full system requirements please see the details published on our PORT web pages.

After entering your purchase details and PORT ID number in this promotion, users must send in their proof of purchase. Once details are validated an e-mail will be sent with instructions on how to purchase your SD-10 Spectrophotometer for only $1.00.

Eligibility & Supply Limitations (refer to the terms and conditions page for further information)

  1. This promotion is open to New Zealand customers only and there is a limit of ONE SD-10 per customer.
  2. It requires purchase of at least one eligible SureColor printer within the promotional period and submission of your redemption claim within the cut off period.
  3. Demonstration and seconds equipment are excluded. Purchases made directly from the Epson New Zealand website are excluded. Purchases made with special pricing or product bonuses provided by Epson New Zealand other than specific promotional offers extended in conjunction with the PacPrint event are also excluded (speak with your Epson Authorised Large Format Dealer for details).
  4. Entry requires creation of a PORT account and activation of the printer onto the service.
  5. Epson will endeavor to ship product as quickly as possible however due to supply and shipping constraints, delays of up to 3.5 months may be experienced with fulfillment.

Important Dates:
  • Purchase Date: between 27 June 2022 and 26 August 2022
  • Promotion Close: Last date to claim online 16 September 2022
  • Claim Form, Proof of Purchase and PORT ID Number to be received by Epson on or prior to: 30 September 2022
  • Once claims are validated, an e-mail will sent with a unique link allowing you to purchase the SD-10 for $1.00 + Free Delivery.
How to Claim:
  1. Complete the online promotion form with your contact details and purchasing details (serial number, date and store of purchase) before 16 September 2022.

  2. Print out a copy of the Claim Form.

  3. Send a copy of the completed Claim Form and a COPY** (NOT ORIGINAL) of your Proof of Purchase to be received by Epson New Zealand, on or prior to 30 September 2022.



    POST TO:
    Epson SureColor PORT Promotion
    Epson New Zealand
    Private Bag 92073
    Auckland Mail Centre, 1142
    New Zealand.

Important Information:
  • Once validated, an E-mail will contain special links that will take users to a page on Epson Shop Online where they can order the SD-10 Spectrophotometer for $1. The SD-10 Spectrophotometer will then be dispatched within two working days from Epson's Auckland warehouse.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions.
  • This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other Epson Promotion.
  • Ensure that you enter a valid e-mail address. All communications regarding your claim will be sent to the e-mail address supplied.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • At any time the status of your claim can be viewed Promotions Status Checker.
  • **Remember to include a COPY OF PROOF OF PURCHASE** - Please do not send original as this cannot be returned.
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