Epson Specialty Paper is Not Your Ordinary Paper!

#1 Choice of Professional Photographers

User the photo paper professionals trust for their photos

In an independent preference test conducted in January 2013, significantly more professional photographers preferred Epson photo papers over any other brand.

Engineered for Outstanding Prints

Up to 8 layers in every sheet

Epson specialty papers are comprised of 4 to 8 layers per sheet. These layers work together to absorb the ink, lock in the vibrant colours and give you the instant-dry prints, superior-quality prints that you expect.

Quality You Can Expect

Extraordinary photos and presentations are about the whole experience. With Epson specialty papers you can experience your images beyond seeing the exceptional prints, you can feel the high quality of the paper.

Hassle-Free Paper Handling

Your prints won't get jammed

Epson engineers have eliminated the main causes of jamming by choosing only the finest materials for the Epson line of specialty papers. This reduces paper dust and curl. And combined with precision cutting technology for clean paper edges, Epson paper feeds smoothly through your printer for consistent hassle-free, jam-free printing

Wide Paper Selection

Specialty paper for every print project

Epson carries a wide range of specialty papers for all your printing needs, from photos and presentations to invitations, T-shirt transfers and more.

Tested for Reliability

Expert engineers take the anxiety out of printing

Up to 100,000 sheets are tested before Epson engineers certify a paper for the Epson brand. Epson offers you the reliability and convenience of one great paper for all of your Inkjet printing needs.