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Quality through Technology

The combination of our exacting manufacturing standards, cutting-edge Micro Piezo® and heat-free PrecisionCore® technology, Epson DURABrite Ultra and ULTRAChromeDL inks and decades of leadership in printing technology, are the guarantee for the seamless quality of our inkjet printing solutions.

Epson DURABrite Ultra Ink

Epson DURABrite Ultra Ink (ColorWorks C3500, C7500)

Prints are much more hardwearing with our pigment ink, which sits on the surface of the media and is highly resistant to light, water, humidity and the ozone thanks to the ink's resin encapsulation.

Epson UltraChrome DL Ink

Epson ULTRAChromeDL Ink (ColorWorks C7500G)

The UltraChromeDL pigment ink particles infiltrate to the gloss media more than DURABite Ultra ink particles. Due to the even reflection from the printed side, the results give a more glossy appearance.

Epson Micro Piezo & Epson Auto Ink Detection Technology for ColorWorks C3500

Epson Micro Piezo®Technology (ColorWorks C3500)

Epson Micro Piezo® inkjet printers deliver the ink using electrical charges instead of heating which enables precise control over droplet size and placement. With droplets as small as 3 picolitres, quality and clarity is significantly enhanced. This system also keeps costs down because the printhead lasts the lifetime of the printer.

Epson Auto Ink Detection (AID) (ColorWorks C3500)

Epson's AID technology uses a sensor near the printhead that counts the electrical charge from each ink drop to determine if a print nozzle is clogged. If a problem is identified, the printer will automatically start a cleaning cycle and in a few seconds the printer is ready to print again, ensuring maximum accuracy on crucial elements on the printed labels such as barcodes and colour codes.

Epson Nozzle Verification for ColorWorks C7500

Epson Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) (ColorWorks C7500)

The revolutionary new Nozzle Verification Technology improves reliability, extends the life of the print head and overall print quality. Piezo crystals eject the ink directly onto the labels, instead of using heating elements, therefore reducing the risk of blocked nozzles. The printer's software can also detect a blocked or even partially blocked nozzle, and initiate a cleaning cycle for the specific area of the print head. In the event of this happening during production a 'self-healing' system will use alternative nozzles to compensate for any blockage.


Heat-free PrecisionCore printhead technology is the product of one of the largest investments in research and development in Epson's history, merging the company's expertise in MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) fabrication with advances in materials science.

Heat-free PrecisionCore introduces a new system that uses the power of the piezo crystal itself to raise reliability. The voltage generated by each piezo element can, in milliseconds, be used to detect whether the associated nozzle is firing normally. It has the ability to self-diagnose its health almost instantly.

Heat-free PrecisionCore printhead technology delivers Epson's renowned, industry-leading output quality at high speed. Inch for inch, the high-resolution Epson print chips are one of the fastest inkjet printing technologies in the world. PrecisionCore piezo elements each fire nearly 50,000 times per second.

Precision Core