Epson TM-Intelligent Solutions. Mobile. Smart. Connected.
The TM-Intelligent family represents a new class of smart Point of Service (POS) solutions that provide the application power and configuration flexibility that retailers and service providers are looking for today. Our TM-Intelligent solutions combine Epson’s industry-leading POS printers with built-in intelligence to deliver everything from cloud services, flexible web-based printing, open platform mobility and peripheral connectivity to latest PC POS systems and more – all in one small footprint.
Read about Epson’s ePOS Print Technology that drives the TM-Intelligent i series and DT series products.
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Epson’s TM-Intelligent i-Series is designed to support mobile POS, web-printing from any mobile device, cloud services, information display applications and kitchen display systems (KDS).
Epson’s TM-Intelligent DT-Series is designed to support everything from flexible, mobile POS configurations with web-based printing, cloud services, information displays, peripheral connectivity, Web-POS and portable POS systems to complete PC-POS replacement systems.