Demand for Quality

Epson New Zealand is more than a company, staff, products and technology. It encompasses a broad community of users from all walks of life, government departments, businesses of all sizes and partners who work alongside Epson to provide the critical backing in sales, systems integration and technical support.

Demand for Absolute Quality

In the vast majority of cases, Epson is the hidden name. Purchasers of Ken Done special edition prints, for example, actually receive high quality prints from an Epson large format printer. Customers of many of the largest retailers, such as Woolworths and Coles Myer Limited are handed receipts that have printed using Epson's advanced POS receipt printers. Students at leading tertiary and secondary education institutions, such as Ivanhoe Grammar School and La Trobe University benefit from Epson projectors. It is a user community that has one thing in common....
A demand for absolute quality.