Epson's Business Strategy & Corporate Behaviour

Business Strategy

Epson's Corporate Vision

In 2009, in response to shifting global trends, Epson unveiled SE15, a long-range vision that crystallizes the company's vision for the year 2015 and outlines how we plan to become indispensable to our customers and society. At the same time, we also established the SE15 Mid-Range Business Plan (FY2009 - FY2011), a detailed three-year action plan to put us on track to achieving the goals of SE15.

Epson's Business Strategy

Epson has announced its SE15 Long-Range Corporate Vision and SE15 (First Half) Mid-Range Business Plan (FY2009-FY2011). These plans determine the direction Epson will take in the medium to long-term, and the measures it will take to achieve its aims.

The Principles of Corporate Behaviour (Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines)

In 2005, we established the Principles of Corporate Behaviour (Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines) for the Epson Group. These guidelines have been established to clarify the foundations for implementing Trust-based Management, or building stakeholder trust, the fundamental principle of Epson management, and to share them across the group. More Information.